W. Gary Smith Design

Fantasy Drawings

These fantasies are hybridized from images of plants, sacred symbols, and mythology across cultures and throughout human history. Overall, their meaning is a mystery. This is a selection from more than 200 drawings.

Byzantine Village

The falcon plays many roles in Egyptian mythology, including the Lord of the Skies. Here he visits a village from "The Glory of Byzantium" exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Soup Terrine Dancers

An item from the Winterthur Museum’s Campbell Collection of Soup Terrines is combined with dancers performing a scene from Martha Graham’s Rite of Spring.

Heavy Moon

This is inspired by an image from Carl Jung’s Red Book.

Egyptian Baboons

In Ancient Egypt the sacred baboon was connected with scribes, divine measurement, and higher learning.


Who are these guys?


Yes these are friends. Really. They are.

Fuchsia Flower

The little water tank is taken from the rooftops of New York City.

Goat Moon

Hard to say exactly what's going on here.

Quilted Horses

These horses were originally spotted in the Girard Collection at Santa Fe’s Museum of International Folk Art.

Rose Cart

The red rose is a 15th century British symbol of unity.

Stork House

Some sacred symbols live in humble cottages.

Sunflower Tree

This one is totally made up.

Tank Wagon

A modern day Zebu cart from Madagascar carries a 19th century water tank.


Inspired by an image on the Great Lyre from Ur, at the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archeology and Anthropology.

Bird Woman

This one is another total fantasy.